Essential Oils Mixing Workshop in Bryant Park

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  • 10/10/2020
    11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Have you ever stopped to smell the roses? Difficult to do in a bustling city. Now is your chance to sit down and actually smell some really good aromas from essential oils. You can even be an essential oil mixologist for a day by making your own blend for whatever purpose you desire.
Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain their natural smell and flavor. They can be used for a variety of things such as relaxation, muscle soreness, etc. Or sometimes, you may just want to capture the smell of a rose in your own personalized bottle.
Please note that we will follow strict COVID 19 protocols for this event.
How it works:
– We will begin with the host presenting a short introduction on essential oils
– Guests will be given an opportunity to brainstorm a blend that they would like to make.
– Guests will then choose from a variety of essential oils to make their own blend.
– Guests will leave with their own specially made essential oil roller (10 ml roller bottle).
– All supplies are included.
What to expect:
– Event is limited to 8 people. Both men and women. Any age group.
Price:  $15 general members $ 10 VIP members. Price includes workshop the roller bottle and the essential oils.

Covid 19 Protocols:

  • Please do not come if you have been exposed.  You may cancel up to one week for a refund.  Within one week you will be given a credit to use for selected events.
  • We will take temperatures when you arrive.
  • Event limited to 10 people so there is space for everyone to be safe.
  • Face masks must be worn while within close proximity..


Can I come alone?  Yes, 98% of those attending this event normally register on their own. You welcome to bring as many non member guests, friends & co workers as you’d like, just make sure to register for the number of people that you want below. Our staff will be ready to greet you and introduce you to others whether you are on your own or with guests.

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