About Us

Thanks for your interest in The New York Social Network!

Since 2004 The New York Social Network has been planning fun activities in and around NYC for people who are looking to make new friends, network, connect, try something different or experience things they like that they can’t get their friends to do!

Our members are everyday real people who are interested in fun and interesting events with a focus on making new friends, networking, connecting or just getting away from their busy lives. We have singles and some couples  from every walk of life and various professions coming together almost every night for the activities we plan. We are very careful to host a variety of activities that take in to consideration that these days our members come from a wide spectrum of economic means, so you will see both very affordable and some very high end offerings.

All of our events are geared for NYC’s Mainstream lifestyle. If you are adventurous, fun, active and open to trying something new or just being a tourist in your own city, we have thousands of members ready to welcome you starting today! With the exception of some of the larger nightclub parties, most of our events are geared for maximizing quality social time with 15-50 attendees.  If you enjoy waiting on lines to get in to the hottest nightclubs, super trendy people or want to hang with Snookie and The Jersey Shore Crowd, you may want to try other services.

The New York Social Network is a sum of the collective experiences that I have gathered throughout my years of event planning both in radio and for other related groups and the experiences. I have been doing this since 1997 as a hobby and 2004 as my sole  profession.  NYSN was the evolution of my life after having moved to the city from Long Island in 1997 when all of my friends had moved away or got married. Facebook, Myspace, Meetup, Match.com, E-Harmony and Speed Dating were not even heard of at that time. I found that planning events and sharing experiences was a great way to meet others and make friends. You can be assured that each one of our events will be a great experience, hosted by someone who cares about what they do and knows that meeting new friends in the world’s largest city can be intimidating and challenging.

A quote from George Carlin was really the catalyst for my taking on this project. “We spend our entire lives trying to make a living, but not a life!” How many times have I walked down 6th Avenue at night and seen too many office lights on past 8pm!  If you are a young professional looking to meet other quality young professionals, new to the city or someone who’s lived in the area all your life join us today.

If you ever have a question about an event please e-mail me at dave@newyorksocialnetwork.com or call the number below.  I look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon!

Warmest Regards,
Dave Cervini President and Founder
The New York Social Network