ALL NEW Online Team Murder Mystery: “Murder On The Singles Ski Trip”

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  • 02/23/2022
    8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

We have an all-new Online Murder Mystery and Team Scavenger Hunt! These events are fun and creative ways to get you socializing with other members of the group while working together to help solve a puzzle.  No experience is needed and the stories are designed to be fun and informative.  This new theme is “Murder on the Singles Ski Trip.”

How it works:

  • When you register you will be sent the log-in info for our event on  ZOOM.
  • Our NYSN hosts will be waiting to greet you, introduce you to others and explain how everything works.
  • Once everyone is logged on, we will randomly put together teams, unless you have a team already.
  • Each team will be given the synopsis of what happened and several clues that will help you solve the puzzle.
  • Teams will then go off on their own and be given 20 minutes to find answers to as many clues as possible using internet searches or team collaboration.
  • Each answer is worth points and there is a bonus if you solve the puzzle.
  • The clues have to do with everyday life, historical things and things that are specific to people trying to navigate the pandemic.
  • Prizes are awarded to the team with the most points.

The Story

This January, 56 members of the Double Diamond Super Singles Skiers Group Meet Up Group went on a ski trip to Vermont on the long Martin Luther King Weekend.  It is a trip they do every year. Many of the members have known each other for years, others are new.  Some have made romantic connections and others fierce enemies.  For the most part the group has a lot of fun with a lot of shenanigans happening behind closed doors and behind peoples’ backs. The one big difference this year is that only 55 people will be coming home!  Join your fellow team members to find out the fate of whose luck went downhill!

Cost:  $25 General Members / $15 Lifetime VIP members

What do I need?

A device with a camera and microphone. LAPTOPS OR DESKTOPS RECOMMENDED.  Tablets and phones are harder to navigate.

How do I participate?

When you register, we will send you the log-in codes to join the meeting and all the information you will need to participate.


Can I attend alone?

Right now, 99.9% of those participating attend alone.

What if I have a roommate, friend, family member or significant other with me that wants to participate too?

We ask that you pay for each person that is participating.

How many are expected?

Most of our virtual events have 20 to 30 participants unless otherwise specified.

Who participates in these?

The demographics of our online events are varied unless we have a specific criteria listed. For the most part there are all ages and ethnicities. Realistically, this should not matter to you.  If there is an event that you would like to do, then do it!  It is totally different than physically being stuck at something you are not enjoying. You can “click out” at any time. If you are unhappy with the experience we will refund your fee.


If you have questions regarding; how many are registered, gender balance or ages of those registered, email or call 212-873-2256.  We are committed to making sure that the event your register for is going to be great and you get exactly what you expected!