Online Pumpkin Carving Class for Beginners

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  • 10/26/2020
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Would you like to learn how to carve pumpkins like a pro?  Join us for this special online Pumpkin Carving Class where you will learn interesting techniques that will help you make your Jack 0 Lantern amazing.  You can just watch to get tips or carve along with your host.   At the end of the class we will have a contest for those who are carving to see who’s is best!

How it works:

  • Register and we will send you the info to join us on Zoom.
  • You can either watch and record the session or carve along with your host.
  • If you are carving you will need the items listed below:
  • A medium to large pumpkin
  • Steak knife or serrated knife and a sharp straight edge knife
  • Spoons, forks
  •     tealight candle
  • Pumpkin Carving kit (optional but recommended) You can get them at most super markets, Ricky’s, CVS or ONLINE

When you register we will send you links to stencils that you may want to use to carve.

You may also want to purchase a pumpkin carving kit at a local supermarket or drug store.  (Usually $4)

Cost: $12 General members $8 VIP members

What do I need?

A device with a camera and microphone.

How do I participate?

When you register we will send you a code to join or Zoom meeting and all the information you will need to participate.

Can I attend alone?

Right now 99.9% of those participating attend alone.

What if I have a roommate, friend, family member or significant other with me that wants to participate too? We ask that you pay for each person that is participating.

How Many are expected?

Most of our virtual events have 10 to 20 participants unless otherwise specified.

Who participates in these?

The demographics of our online events are varied unless we have a specific criteria listed. For the most part there are all ages and ethnicities. Realistically, this should not matter to you.  If there is an event that you would like to do, then do it!  It is totally different than physically being stuck at something you are not enjoying. You can “click out” at any time. If you are unhappy with the experience we will refund your fee.


If you have questions regarding; how many are registered, gender balance or ages of those registered,  email or call 212-873-2256.  We are committed to making sure that the event your register for is going to be great and you get exactly what you expected!

Dress Code:

Pajamas & t-shirts are acceptable (just, please be wearing clothes!). Also we all realize that our beards are growing and our hair looks like hell. (Besides most computer cameras are not that clear anyway)

Refund Policy

This event is non refundable unless canceled or rescheduled