Spring Forward! A 30 Day Challenge

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  • 04/01/2021 - 04/30/2021
    8:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Let’s Kick off Spring with our 30-day challenge!

We have put together the ultimate experience to get active, get out and get social. We’ve combined some of our best NYSN events, with some of our best NYSN people.  April will be a full month of hikes, walks, yoga, workouts, happy hours and the best part is we are doing them all together!!

We’re transforming April.  You will have fun, get in shape, and socialize. Join our NYSN hosts at outdoor events like our social walks, and invigorating hikes. You will also join us online for our social happy hours, delicious cooking class, yoga, workouts and so much more! We’ve tied these all together with Daily Challenges to keep us all on the same page

The best part? We will do this TOGETHER, building a healthy lifestyle community, having fun and cheering each other on.

Our April 30-day challenge includes:

  • 2 Weekend Hikes (April  3, & 18)
  • 2 Weekend Walks (April 10, & 25)
  • 5 Weekly Social/Happy Hours exclusive to the 30 day challengers (Every Thursday)
  • 4 Weekly Virtual Workouts (Weekly)
  • 4 Weekly Online Yoga & Coffee Socials (Every Saturday morning)
  • 30 Daily Challenges to promote health, wellness, socialize and try new things!
  • 1 Online Cooking Class (April 12)
  • Weekly Recipes
  • 1 Nutrition Webinar with licensed Nutritionist (April 6)
  • Private Facebook Community so we can all connect and encourage each other


Our Price: $85 (General Members)/ $75 (VIP)


How it works:

  • This challenge begins on April 1, 2021 and ends April 30, 2021
  • The week before Challenge begins you’ll be emailed instructions on how to start the adventure together!
  • Events included in this challenge can not be transferred towards future events. If you are unable to attend workouts or yoga sessions recordings of these will be provided in the Facebook group for you to use at your convenience.

Daily Challenges 

Our daily challenges will be a great way to focus on your personal goals. It will be a mix of fun creative, self-care, and fitness challenges!

Central Park Group Walk  

On April 3rd we’ll take a walk in central park together. It’s an iconic park which is a great way to start an iconic challenge.

Hudson Walkway Loop/Reese Park Hike/Walk Saturday 4/10 8:40am

Perfect for some fresh air, great views, a good workout and conversations that are not on Zoom. The entire loop is about 6 miles and is mostly flat and one steep staircase.

Forest Park Easy Hike In Queens Sunday 4/25 1:00pm

Forest Park is filled with natural treasures and is an idyllic getaway for locals and visitors alike. During the hike, you will explore different trails and stop at a few key spots to learn more about the 3rd largest park in Queens. 

Weekly Social Hours Thursdays 7:30pm

Every week we have an exclusive online event for our 30 day challengers, to chat, catch up, socialize and encourage each other. You will get a link to join once registered to the event!

Yoga & Coffee Social Saturdays 9:00am

Start your Saturday morning with a peaceful and awakening stretch. Give yourself this half-hour to fully wake up, get moving, set your intentions for the day, and most importantly have some much needed human connection.

Weekly Workouts Wednesdays 7:00pm

Join our very own NYSN host, Michelle for a quick cardio work. It’s not just cardio, it’s an intense workout with a high dose of positivity. 

Online Cooking Class

Our Vegetable Chili is healthy, delicious and easy to make. Join for a fun hour of conversation and demonstration. From start to finish the dish will take you 45 minutes plus you can freeze it for future meals! Full details: Click Here

Professional Nutritionist Webinar

Learn from Karen Bukolt, MS, RDN, CDN, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, and hear insights about yourself and nutrition. More details and an exclusive link will be sent with registration info.

Private facebook community:

Private Facebook group exclusively for 30 Day Challengers, – Reminders encouragement, advice, daily reminders, share recipes, show off your accomplishments. Once you’ve joined you’ll be sent an invite to share …..

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Social.