NY Philharmonic Concert On Great Lawn in Central Park

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  • 06/14/2023
    6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Join us as we enjoy one of the most amazing New York experiences as the NY Philharmonic performs under the stars on the Great Lawn.  Our staff will get to the park early in the morning to reserve a place for our group so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the performance from a great vantage point.  We have room for 40 people in an area closest to the stage.  We will also have food and drink for you to enjoy as you socialize before the performance. Here’s the deal:

-Over 250,000 people converge on the lawn during the day to secure the best space available.  The best spaces are usually taken by 3pm!  Our staff will arrive at 10am to reserve the best spot that the general public can get closest to the stage for you to enjoy the show without you having to sit there all day!

-You are invited to arrive any time after 6pm for socializing with refreshments. We will give specific directions to find us.

-We will have a large area set aside for our group.  You will be sitting on blankets.

-We will have cheese, crackers, veggies, dips, fruits, snacks, water, juices and wine.

-Spaces on our blanket are first come first served.

Cost:  $45 General Members /  $35 Lifetime VIP Members.  Includes: snacks and appetizers, beverages and compensation for our staff to get there to reserve the space early in the day.


This event is free to the public so why am I paying for it? For this event people start arriving at 10am to get the best places to watch.  We make it easy for you to attend by having our staff go to the park early in the morning to reserve the space and set up the catering, food and drinks, blankets, etc.  If you wish to get to the event on your own we recommend that you get there no later than 1pm if you want to sit in a space where you have a chance to see the stage or you can just show up at 6pm and have the best seat you can get already waiting for you.
Where will we be sitting?  The photograph in the heading of this event is a fair representation of where we will be in relation to the stage.  We will have the closest space that the general public can get to the stage.  There is an area between us and the stage that is reserved for members of the NY Philharmonic that is not accessible to the general public.

Can I come alone?  Yes. 98% of those attending will likely register on their own, but you are invited to bring as many guests as you like–just be sure to register for that amount.

Dress Code:  Most people come from work so business casual.  Dress for the weather.  You will be sitting on blankets.

How will I find the group?  We will send you a confirmation email with exact locations, contact info and names of those who are hosting the event.

How long does it last?  The performance usually goes until 10:30pm with fireworks afterwards.

Questions?  Contact Dave Cervini at dave@newyorksocialnetwork.com or call 212-873-2256 M-F 10am-4pm


Illness Protocols/Refunds
In accordance with current city and state protocols vaccination status or masks are not mandatory for this event.  However, we do ask that participants act in a responsible manner and do not attend if feeling ill, showing symptoms or have been recently exposed to any of the current illnesses..  Mask wearing is optional unless the venue or city has mandated that.  Everyone should respect the comfort levels of others as we transition into this next phase of socializing.

This event is nonrefundable unless canceled.  If you have tested positive for Covid or are sick with any ailment  that prohibits you from attending, we will do our best to provide you with credits for select future events with a copy of your positive test results or doctor’s note. Credits may or may not equal the cost of the event missed and may only be applied to events selected by NYSN.


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