Fun & Easy Online Trivia Party

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  • 12/07/2021
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Our Trivia Nights are so much fun because we make the questions easy and fun for everyone.  Please be prepared for lots of socializing during the game on all the topics of the day and from some of the thought provoking questions!

How it Works:

  • Register below. You will need a computer or smartphone with webcam and microphone to interact with our host and the others.
  • We will send you an invitation and codes to join.
  • The trivia will be available to view using a separate free service (no need to download anything), but you can participate on your computer or smart phone. (see below)

What to expect:

  • Up to 20 NYSN members and friends will be on your screen at once (see below)
  • We will have 3 rounds of 10 questions each.
  • The top winners from each round will win free passes to our events.
What kinds of questions are there?
The questions are designed to be fun, easy and educational.  They cover everything from common sense stuff to everyday things, movies, TV, stuff you learned in high school, pop culture, popular music and things that international people should know.
  • This night is meant to be fun for everyone.  If you are super competitive or a trivia wiz we ask that you “dumb down” for a round or two so others have a chance to win!
  • There are no teams on this night.  If you have a friend with you they will need to register separately.
Cost: $10 general members/$7 VIP members

What do I need?

A device with a camera and microphone.

How do I participate?

When you register we will send you a code to join our Zoom meeting. (please note that the confirmation will come later)

Can I attend alone?

Right now 99.9% of those participating attend alone.

How many are expected?

Most of our virtual events have 10 to 20 participants unless otherwise specified.

Who participates in these?

The demographics of our online events are varied unless we have a specific criteria listed. For the most part there are all ages and ethnicities. Realistically, this should not matter to you.  If there is an event that you would like to do, then do it!  It is totally different than physically being stuck at something you are not enjoying. You can “click out” at any time. If you are unhappy with the experience we will refund your fee.


If you have a questions as to how many, gender balance or ages of those registered for a particular event email or call 212-873-2256.  We are committed to making sure that the event your register for is going to be great!

Dress Code:

Online casual