20s-40s Singles Rooftop Glow Party for Fully Vaccinated & Negative For Covid

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  • 07/30/2021
    7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Our Glow Parties are back and are a clever and unique way to navigate the singles party scene. We’ll use our glow bracelet color-coding system as just one of the ways for you to identify and instantly connect with others who have the same interests as you. That saves a lot of time on conversations that wind up leading nowhere!  We’ll have several fun activities that will get you mixing and mingling with over 100 NYC professionals just like you! We’ll have members from over 20 different social networking groups participating so you can find out what else is going on for NYC professionals across the city.

How it works:

When you arrive you will get to choose 3 different colored glow bracelets.  Each color corresponds to a different interest of yours. (Outdoorsy, Books, Travel, Sports, etc.)  As you mingle you will instantly see other people who are interested in the same thing before you even say a word! You may even see others with the same exact 3 colors!

What to expect:

  • Over 100 NY single professionals coming together to mix, mingle, network, and connect ages the 20s-40s.
  • We will have a special section both indoors and on the outdoor terrace reserved exclusively for NYSN and their partner social groups.
  • 2 separate ice breaker games with prizes and our color-coded system for finding like-minded people.
  • NYSN hosts on hand to welcome you and introduce you to others at the event.
  • Music played at conversational levels.
  • The M Social Hotel (formerly the Novotel Hotel) is easy to get to.  The Beast & Butterfly Terrace is an indoor/outdoor space.

Cost: $20 General Admission / $10 Lifetime VIP members in advance ($30 at the door).

COVID-19 Protocols: Fully Vaccinated/COVID-19 Negative Test

  • This event is open to fully vaccinated and nonvaccinated members who can show proof of a COVID-19 negative test within 48 hours of the event.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, please do not come if you have been exposed or have recently tested positive.
  • Those with COVID-19 negative results will be asked to wear masks while in close proximity to others or in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the venue or location of the event.
  • In some cases we may separate the group for portions of the event so that those who are vaccinated can enjoy a mask-less experience.

Can I come alone?  Yes. 98% of those attending this event normally register on their own. You are welcome to bring as many nonmember guests, friends & coworkers as you’d like, just make sure to register for the number of people that you want. Our staff will be ready to greet you and introduce you to others whether you are on your own or with guests.

Do I need a ticket? Unless otherwise instructed, if you registered and paid for this event or registered with a voucher your name will be on a list at the door.  If you register within 3 hours of the event it is best to bring proof of payment.   If registering with a voucher follow the instruction on the voucher.

Dress Code:  At all events, we ask that you use your best judgment based on the event. There are never jackets and ties required unless specifically stated.  Keep it neat, be yourself, and look your best.

How will I find the group?  We will send you a confirmation email with exact locations, contact info, and names of those who are hosting the event when you register. We will send follow-up emails as we get closer, usually the night before or the morning of.

Ages: 21+  Most of our events attract people in their 20s to 40s although some events can skew younger or older (50s) depending on the event. Some events are clearly age-specific as indicated.  If this is an issue for you contact Dave at the address below and we can usually give you a very accurate idea of what to expect however if you are in your 50s for this event you may feel out of place.

Who comes to these? Our activities attract NY professionals from all backgrounds who are looking to expand their social circles.  You will also find others who are looking to learn something, the network for business, try something they have never done before or enjoy something they love doing but can’t get their friends to do. This event will also have the highest percentage of people looking to find that someone special who shares a passion for the same activities and interests.

Questions?  If you want to know how many people are coming, what the ages are likely to be, the gender breakdown or the overall vibe of the event before you register, contact Dave Cervini at dave@newyorksocialnetwork.com or call 212-873-2256.

This event is nonrefundable unless the event is canceled or rescheduled.

By registering for this event you take full responsibility for your actions and agree to conduct yourself accordingly.


226 West 52nd Street, at Broadway, NY, New York, 10019, usa

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